Chili Verde Tamales

Tamales. Those lovely little corn-wrapped packets of deliciousness. How we love them! And, while […]


I was reading a book I picked up at the library the other day, […]

Persimmon-Pumpkin Bread Pudding

A friend sent me a link to a recipe for Pumpkin Bread Pudding that […]

Coconut Chocolate Clusters

My daughter discovered these cookies while at her art class, and begged for the […]


Hummus is one of those foods that most people either love or hate. Those […]

Migraine Headache Remedy

Do you suffer from headaches? The really bad ones? Yeah, me too, from time […]

Cuban Black Beans

After visiting family in Florida a few years ago, we came home with a […]

Zuppa Toscano

This is a favorite in our household, and it’s SO easy to make! – […]

Olive Tapenade

I still remember my first experience with tapenade. It was in Phoenix, AZ, at […]

Cholent – Jewish Sabbath Stew

I came across the idea of Cholent purely by accident, but I’m so glad […]